Scanner W Lens

Find Out What You See

Smart Scanner Lens

Simply open the app and point your camera at the world around you to unlock additional content.

This a useful AI Scanner.


– Qr code Reader

– Barcode Scanner

– Detect Flowers

– Pdf Scanner

– Detect Text from your camera (OCR)

– Logos Scanner

– Detect Hashtag for Instagram from your pictures

– Detect info from camera or image about public figure, animals, monuments, places and products.

– OCR, Optical Character Recognition

– Translate text from your camera

– Translate text from pdf, image and document

Use just your camera to know all around you.

When directing the phone’s camera at an object, “Scanner +” will attempt to identify the object by reading barcodes, QR codes, labels and text, translate documents (OCR), detect similar image and show relevant search results and information.

– Info

Search general info on the Web

– News

Scan and search News and compare prices that you like.

– Shopping

Compare prices of things you see.

– Video

Find additional video 

Scanner W App might help you in many things.

Get things done faster and know more around you!

Detect Monuments and Places

Flowers and Pets Recognition

Scan QR code and Barcode

Scanner W Lens

Scanner Smart Lens for iphone

Discover What You See